Friday, April 15, 2011


I have been going around every single page (though i'm yet to finish them) and I'm in love with English wedding!

I LOVE English wedding – the style – the preparation – the event. I love most part of it except what they wrote in the invitation card. Ada ke kahwin mintak orang belikan itu ini. Tak malu ke? (^o^)

Apart from that, I love them all.

I love the bride wedding gown and heels. It is always simple, sexy and stunning.

I love the cards. I always find them exclusive and special – though I don’t like the stuff they wrote there but I do like the decoration-so much.

I love the event that will always be simple yet meaningful.

I love the cakes decoration. It always looks delicious and yummy!

all of them are from OH i'm sooo in love...!

On the other hand, in Malay wedding, my favorite item would be the hantaran and pelamin. (Item ke tu? hehe) I always feel that when the hantaran is attractive, the wedding would be wonderful. I don’t really know why but I do feel so. I always attracted to shimmering and sparkling things – although I do NOT wear them. Personally, I think a wedding is grand when they use dazzling colors like gold and silver. I especially like silver.

The reason might be because that is a WEDDING. You don’t get married once a year or once in 5 years. It is once in a lifetime. Generally, people get married once. So wedding is a day in which it will be a historical day for you. Hence you don’t want to get married ala kadar or like biasa-biasa saja.

However, please be remembered that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. reminds us to be considerate and not to waste and spend over and above what we can afford to. Membazir tu kawan syaitan. But he also said that when you get married, announce to the people (orang kampong) so that there is no suspicion. Therefore, you still have to hold kenduri, however simple it should be, within your means.

I’m yet to get married and I don’t think I can get married within my means. I do think that Malay nowadays can no longer hold kenduri sederhana sahaja mainly because the wedding itself is expensive and the custom added to the expensiveness of the kenduri. As a bride-to-be, I always look the budget in these categories;

1)  hantaran,
2)   baju (that includes the entire things interrelated with it like andam, accessories and what not),
3)      pelamin (incuded flower girl la kalau nak – my sister buat anyway),
4)      guest souvenir, and
5)      catering (the meal, tent and bla bla bla).

Goods needed for wedding are expensive, and that is understood since goods price are following the market value – so there’s nothing much I can complained. But I do want to complain about make-up thingy and catering. Since we don’t have time to do rewang like what our nenek moyang used to do so, there goes our money – wasted right? (I do feel it that way). As far as I remember, when my cousin Kak Ida got married, I am around 5 years old. I remembered that there was no catering – biasa la orang kampong kan rewang, and she paid nothing for her hantaran – that time kita buat sendiri je, biasanya makcik-makcik yang terer buat gubahan la buat (my mom included – she’s the best), and the guest goody bags? There’s no such thing because everyone was attending the rewang so everyone got berkat when they go back home. 

What a lovely wedding, right? I think she spend only around RM5000 OR LESS to buy all the things needed and to pay for the rented wedding dress and andam. At that time, bride always wore songket. I don’t think they can get married without songket, don’t you think? Haha. Today we wear whatever we like as long as it is fancier and glamorous from anybody else in the kenduri. Well, we call bride and bridegroom king of the day kan.

What the h*ll? Why am I complaining?
For that very reason – have no money sedang mengumpul fund but wanna get married ASAP, boleh? huhu. Can I demand for a trouble-free undemanding easy simple uncomplicated wedding?
Am I forgetting something? I think I do! Bridegroom tak mampu nak cari duit bayar HANTARAN anak dara sekarag ni. Setahu I la kan, gadis semasa, kalau yang lepasan U tu, paling murah 10, 000 ringit Malaysia. Yang tu degree. Kalau Master ke PHD ke cemana la pulak ye? Motif sebut paling murah? Adoi macam barang dagangan pulak rasanya diriku ini. Isk… Kerja 5 tahun pun tak tentu boleh kumpul banyak tu kan? Thinking of arguing about this in the next entry. Apehal lak nak ARGUE – mentang-mentang budak law ek 

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