Thursday, November 3, 2011

Make-up Bertunang

I love the finishing touch. She is so professional and damn good. 

She did not in any way do something I would not like. She did it very well. You can see more of her works HERE

Most of the time, when mak andam applies the make-up on pengantin, they tend to do whatever they like (or want in that matter) like plucking and refining eyebrows. They can't do that and they have no right too. My married older sister said her mak andam did that. I also saw another mak andam does that to my dearest friends and cousins. I don't know why but I think they thought it makes the make-up perfect. I just can't...  Allah forbids, we follow. 

I thanked her so much for the service. I and my fiancee indeed satisfied. Murah & puas hati. Berbaloi tempah dengan kak Nana. Her husband did photography too but we didn't take him - budget kot... Takpelah,baru bertunang kan. InsyaAllah wedding nanti we engage him as well - definitely will also depends on the budget... huuu

Anyhow, we got RM150 make-up + RM150 persalinan pluss accessories. Tempat lain yang kami survey semua charge another RM50 for accessories. We are really grateful for that. They are absolutely on the list for our not-so-soon wedding! (^_^) Thanks kak Nana. You are awesome!

Oh well, thanks to her husband, we get this photo for free! excited & happy - exclusively edited by him. cantik okeh. pro.

sengaja "antik"kan gambar ni, malu I hehe. Anyway, siapa cari servis pelamin, make-up pengantin and photography package (lengkap all in one), duduk area banting, dengkil, klang and shah alam, I suggest you all take them, gerenti puas hati. Kalau jauh-jauh pun boleh kot, but I guess you have to pay some extra charge service (pengangkutan la kot).

UPDATE : so sorry to Najwa sebab reply mesej lambat sangat...
pergi kat link ni ye Nanako Bridal & Photography, ada contact number dorang. 


  1. Make up awak cantik.
    Looks Natural. :)

  2. Replies
    1. hai najwa. sori lambat sgt reply. tengok fb nanako bridal tu, pm dia eh. selalunya cepat je dorg reply mesej