Saturday, March 26, 2011


I wanna get married but I don't know for sure if I am ready for MARRIAGE. So I'll try to answer the quest.

  • Kenapa nak kahwin ek? Dalam Islam, menyempurnakan agama. As for me, maybe sebab I rimas orang asik tanya, “bila nak kawin?”
  • The fact is, I love him, and he love me. Tu je la. Apa lagi? 
  • If he don’t wanna marry me, then I guess I’ll leave him. Cewah… ye la tu! Sayang kot.
  • I need money money money. That’s all.
  • I have to get married so that I can see him every day. Penat lah rindu awak!
  • We are meant to be and I always pray that even though he maybe not for me, oh Allah, please… I love him and I wanna be with him forever. Quite recently I found out that he pray the same!
  • I need to find the solution so that my EW days can be as early as possible.
  • No more WHY needed.
  • The situation will be different if I am rich and so he is.
  • I need to know how much I am prepared to get married before I actually get married to someone. I am not only getting married with him BUT I am marrying his family. So I really have to know, am I prepared for this?
  • I can ask him about his family. SHOULD I ?
  • My family will automatically be involved when I start preparing for my EW days.
  • Where? We are yet to have enough money. That’s where the issue arise.
  • The impact is clear, everything kena ada duit maa. Kerja kawin memang pakai banyak duit.
  • Yes, where to get married is important. 
  • Because kawin ni ikut sunnah nabi, orang kena tau. So, buat kat rumah afdhal.
  • I am trying to please everybody.
  • Everyone cares. I, him, my family and his family will be affected. Contohnya nanti nak  balik raya… affected kan?
  • As I said, EVERYBODY.
  • Again, EVERYBODY.
  • The issue arise when I wanna get married. The actual date is unknown. Sedar-sedar je I always ask him, “abang, bila kita nak kawin?” Ada sekali tu dia jawab camni, “yang, kalau abang ada duit, semalam lagi kita da kawin” haha since then, I never ask.
  • We need to act now.
  • My target is before I reach 27 insyaAllah.

"I wanna be a billionaire... so freaking bad..."


  1. kalau semua orang kawen simple2 xcam skang ramai je orang dah kawen kan?hoho~

  2. aku pun asik fikir camtu je... tapi, camana nak kawin simple simple tu ek. tak dapat bayangkan la..