Monday, March 14, 2011


How do i know that i fell in love? Una, i bet you wanna know the story. hihihi... since you are practically hopping into my blog each time i post a new post **apakah ayat aku ni** haha. Anyway, thanks dear :)

Takla lama sangat tapi lama la jugak kot. He found me. I have no idea where did he got my phone no. Anyway, he found me.  I received a missed call. Every single day. Ever since, if he did not, i miss the "missed call". Weird. Normally, i get annoyed with such things but this is an exception to general rule.

Until one day, i asked him who is he? He didn't really answer me. Anyhow, as things goes on, we kept messaging each other. Later on i found out that dia pun budak UIA - engineering. OK. Not bad.. Memilih gak rozi ni kan? dush!

However, I was 18 and i guess i'm not ready for love, commitment and anything attached therein. It was then one night, he didn't reply my message. He was busy. Engineering student - UIA la kan - they have a lot of tests and lab reports. I try to be understanding but i simply can't. I cried and cried until i fall into sleep. It was ony 10 o'clock.

And so i think that is really something. Why do i have to cry over a message from God-know-who-the hell is he. haha. If this is love, and if he left me, i wouldn't be able to gather myself and stand on my own feet. I really lost in myself.

I decided to leave him. Instead of him leaving - which i am not sure if he will but i rather not taking the risk. I left him but making sure that he know the reason. Alhamdulillah, he understand. And so we stop. Yes. We did. i promise myself that i will never called him again despite the fact that i missied him. If he come back looking for me, i will love him again. If he didn't, then he is not my meant to be. Oh..! I really missed him. I did.

4 Mei 2006, he called me. He didn't. Missed call je. hehe. I was so happy. HE heard my prayers and he did missed me too. He was coming back to the matriculation center for his full transcript back then. Dah siap-siap masa tu, if he wanna see me, i will see him. Tekad tu :D



  1. haha!
    aku kan stalker berjaya
    anyway, lama tu bercinta
    seusia Hamna kot
    bila nak kawennya neh?

  2. kawen? tengah tunggu pinangan. hehe