Friday, February 25, 2011


If you really want to lose weight, stop thinking about it. You don’t think. You just do. First of all, abandon rice. T___T I know its hard coz I do too and it feels like I’m eating nothing. Haha. Abandon rice ONLY. Eat a lot of vegetable and fresh fruit.

Secondly, stop eating by 7p.m. I mean nothing as NOTHING. If you really hungry, feeling like give up your diet, just go to sleep. Don’t feel sleepy? Learn the art of sleeping. Tiru Nobita. Imagine you are in a garden, playing with Doraemon and Sizuka. You are running away chasing the butterflies. Start counting… 1 2 3 4 5 until you fall asleep.

Next, drink a lot of plain water. Don’t drink water cooler kind of water. Drink mineral water or cooked one. It should be at least 3000ml per day i.e. 2 big mineral bottles.

If you are a homely type of lady, find new hobbies like playing badminton or swimming. If you don’t, your evening time would be wasted on movies or gossiping. Anyway, you still can gossip while swimming. It won’t hurt ;p

When you are doing works or assignment (or anything) that need concentration and lots of sitting, do some stretching in between your working time.

If you are staying in apartment or your office is on upper floor, use stairs instead of escalators and lifts. Most importantly, stay away from parking near to lift and escalator. Park your car a distance away so you can walk more to your office. You‘ll feel better and fresher to start a new day.

Keep your shirt and pants which you can’t fit anymore. Hang it on your wardrobe and try it on when you feel like to. It will be something that pushes you to be more discipline on your diet. Nevertheless, do not stress yourself to lose weight in short time. If you do it slowly, you will gradually get to the result.

When exercising, do something different every day. If you don’t, it will be boring and you will just stop. An example would be;
MONDAY :          jog with friends
TUESDAY :         swimming
WEDNESDAY :    playing hide and seek with ‘anak menakan’
THURSDAY :       jogging again
FRIDAY :           gardening with mum
SATURDAY :       jog at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
SUNDAY :          playing kites at Taman Tasik Metropolitan

After having meal, don’t sleep or sit. Walk around for at least 5 minutes. It enhances digestion process.

Last but not least, start today. Don’t procrastinate. You don’t know till when you are going to live. Live your life healthily.


  1. nasib baik rumah ada tangga!

    tapi tang nasi tu susah sangat kot

  2. tu la pasai. aku loose 1kg je kot. skang da naik balik. haha.. aku rasa nak beli herbalife la.. ok x?