Saturday, October 22, 2011


Since I've said I am engaged so these are some of the photos :) hantaran dari pihak lelaki 21 dulang, kepada pihak lelaki 20 dulang. In my family it's kind of normal aunties and cousins give things such as chocolates and sweets adding the dulangs. That explains why ours are even in numbers hehe

dari pihak lelaki

kepada pihak lelaki
These are some more...

Thanks everyone. I love you all. Special thanks to my cousins Kak Ina, Kak Ijah & Kak Ct. They successfully add 6 dulangs to my hantaran so that we give no less than my fiance's family gave heee...

siapa-siapa rasa dulang-dulang di atas cantik (in fact they are) don't hesitate to give me a call - in case you want to order some :) 013-2504851

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