Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have said this HERE but I may not have said it right ^___^

I was on a long semester break May-September 2011 so I decided to help my dad making some money at some canteen of factory calls Chemi-con Malaysia. Anyway, being busy and kind of short-workers, I really had no time to eat or even think about food. Nonetheless, I was continuously without fail keep reminding myself that I couldn't tolerate gastric and ulcer so I force myself to find time to eat. Luckily I love my aunt's home made kuihs and cakes so I ate a lot of her curry-puff and cucur badak and what not. Oh yes my father bought them half-cooked; frozen dish in another word and so I just need to fry them a little and wallaa... bon appetit

After that 5 months of working so hard believe-it-or-not heee I lost more or less 5 kilos. Not bad huh. In a nutshell, if you really wanna loose fat, avoid rice and... 

Good luck!


  1. hahahaha i try x jadi ponnn another 5kg here with meee hehehehe

  2. bila plaknye abg stress sampai x makan? selalu tu lagi bertambah selera kan? ;p